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Xija Research is a young, creative and independent software development team. We are developing mobile applications for the iPhone, iPod and iPad platform by Apple. Our apps are not limited to a particular topic - we offer apps over a wide spectrum from useful applications to fun apps. Stay tuned - there is much more to come.

ReSpell+ for free

29.08.2012 13:14:00 by Jim

For the rest of August - ReSpell+ will be completly free. Get it now!


ReSpell+ is available on the AppStore

+++ SALE +++ Save 50% +++

03.02.2011 20:25:00 by Jim

For a limited time only, DualBrain+ is on SALE! Get it now in an AppStore near you.


DualBrain+ is available on the iPhone AppStore

DualBrain+ 2.0 available

30.11.2010 23:37:00 by Jim

We are excited to bring you this glorious brandnew major update for DualBrain+. First of all, as you might know, we like the idea of universal apps in the AppStore.

So, we wanted to reward our existing iPhone and iPod touch users with a free upgrade to the iPad version! And here it is!

We don't think anyone should have to buy his favorite apps twice or get confused with a handful of apps with different badges for several devices on the store.There is no need to spent money again like other developers force you to.

Additionally we have added GameCenter and Retina Display support to bring you an even more amazing experience with our game. And there is a marvellous whole new user interface and style. We loved making DualBrain+ for the iPad and we think it plays fantastically well. I'm pretty sure you'll think so too.

List of new features and changes in DualBrain+ v2.0:

+ Full iPad support. Take advantage of the iPad screen-size
+ HD support: High resolution images for your Retina Display included
+ GameCenter support with tons of achievments to unlock
+ Brandnew interface style and design for an even greater user experience
+ New app logo and images, added new loading-screens for both iPad and iPhone/iPod touch
+ Flying-Last-Game feature on the iPad version shows you the result of your answer
+ updated to the latest OpenFeint Release 2.7.5
+ added the ability to 'Like' the game on Facebook
+ added the ability to rate the game
+ fixed a problem with the aligning of some game contents
+ fixed a bug with links not working upon touching them
+ fixed some text messages and missing translations
+ fixed a problem with the Czech translation
+ many code and performance enhancements

Level Up Your Brains, and let them fight - only the fittest will survive! Now available on the AppStore.

ReSpell+ rewarded

16.11.2010 16:34:00 by Jim

ReSpell+ awarded 5/5 from iPhone & Co

ReSpell+ has been awarded with '5 stars' by the magazine iPhone & Co in it's issue 12/2010. We are very happy that every single app now has got an award. Thank you folks.

+ indicates awesomeness

15.11.2010 20:29:00 by Jim

There is something on the way. We are very excited to announce the arrival of our latest creation in November 2010.

Stay tuned and obey the toad.

ReSpell+ 2.0 with HD support for iPhone4 and iPad

09.07.2010 11:58:00 by Jim

ReSpell+ is now availabe and brings full iPad and iPhone4 support. Take advantage of the Retina Display on your iPhone4 or the larger screen on your iPad. And you don't have to purchase ReSpell+ severall times for all your devices - it is now an universal binary! This means you can run ReSpell+ on your iPhone or iPod touch like always and get the iPad and iPhone4 version for free! There is no need to buy our app twice like other developers force you. Check out the new features on our ReSpell+ product page or head over to ReSpell+ on the AppStore and get your copy now.

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